Eat. Drink. Gram. Repeat.

Chicago Food Authority is an interactive community for food lovers to come together and share their input on their favorite eats throughout the city of Chicago. I’ll be sharing my food adventures with all of you and would love for you guys to comment with your opinions and feedback!

I’m excited for you guys to vote for your favorite spots in each food category and help provide suggestions for places to check out in the current restaurant forums I have listed. Please feel free to add your own forum when you are interested in getting feedback on places to check out! I love how all of this started from a simple Instagam and has become an incredibly strong community of foodies. I really take all of your feedback to heart and love how we are all on this food journey together.


Best Chicago Food Porn

Margie’s Candies:  Jumbo Banana Split

Okay, so let’s face it. Not only is food fun to eat, but it’s also fun to photograph. Heck, I’ve gone places & ordered dishes before, just because I knew I could get a really amazing photo. I decided it was only appropriate to make a list of the most intense dishes I’ve had in […]

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